Bible Studies

A Revival of the Word and the Spirit

Moses and Elijah. The rise of miraculous ministry

Moses & Elijah: The Rise of Miraculous Ministry

The ministries of Moses and Elijah stand out in the Bible as two of the most powerful in terms of miracles and manifestations of God. This teaching parallels some events in their lives to show the lead up to their miracles. Audio teaching You can also listen on your podcast app. For more info, listen…
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Hungry to be filled with God

Hungry to be Fully Filled with God

Acts 6 emphasises that Stephen was full. This was because he took the time to get filled. As a result, God manifested through Stephen in miracles, signs and wonders. We become full because we are hungry and thirsty enough to act by saturating ourselves in the Word of God and in His presence. Video Watch…
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God’s Plan

The Plan of God

The Plan of God Audio Teaching Many are concerned these days about what the enemy has planned. However, the Bible shows us that God has a plan. The plan of God always wins. Instead of allowing fear to grip us about the day we are living in, we need to keep our eyes on God’s…
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The connection between faith and miracles

Faith for Miracles

The Connection between Miracles and Faith This series continues my teachings on miracles and walking in the manifest power of God. I believe God wants the church to step more into the realm of the miraculous, as we understand the role our faith plays. Videos and audio available below. A number of times, the Word…
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Visible evidence of faith

Visible Evidence of being in Faith

Is there Evidence when a person is in faith? There is visible evidence when a person is ‘in faith’. Here’s we will look at how to recognise when faith is present. With all the emphasis on the subject of faith in recent years in the church, there has also arisen a lot of confusion about…
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Waiting for God to heal

Are you Waiting for God to Heal You?

Many people have the mentality that they are ‘waiting’ for God to heal them.

This can produce a very passive approach to healing, where we think it is all up to God whether I receive healing or not. I propose to you that if you want to receive healing, you need to get out of the passive mentality and learn to actively press in to your healing.

The blood of Jesus

Purchased by the Blood of Jesus

The Blood of Jesus is called ‘Precious’ and it certainly is very precious to every one of us.
The word precious here speaks of something that is very costly and valuable.

We must not minimise what Jesus did! Just because the work of the cross is given to us freely, at no cost, we can forget how much it cost Jesus! Salvation is free for us, but it cost Jesus His blood and His life!

Is it ok for Christians to celebrate Christmas?

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Every year, in the lead up to December, the question arises: should Christians celebrate Christmas? Here I want to give some answers which will hopefully help you with this issue. If you do a bit of research about the history of Christmas, you will soon find mention of ancient pagan festivals that predate the birth…
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Is it ok to have a Christmas tree?

Can Christians have a Christmas tree, decorations etc?

Is it ok to have a Christmas tree? Can Christians have a Christmas tree, without being concerned that they are partaking in an ungodly, even pagan ritual? What about decorating, using Holly, Ivy, Mistletoe, Christmas crackers and lights? Is it ok for Christians to give and receive gifts over Christmas and to enjoy a family…
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Greek and Hebrew Words for Worship

There is truth found in the words God has chosen to use to teach us about worship; however, it is possible to get overly technical with definitions and miss the spirit and heart of a subject. Get ahold of the spirit of what these words reveal to us. Take the time to study these words…
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