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A Revival of the Word and the Spirit

God’s Response to your Prayers

I recommend that you read the accompanying article on ‘God the Giver’ with this one. How does God respond to our prayers?What is God’s side to our prayers?How does He view our prayers? Some claim we simply cannot know or understand God. They use this to excuse away all kinds of things with religious sounding…
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The Benefits of Praying in Tongues

What are the benefits to me and my prayer life to speaking in tongues?
God has given us this gift. He has given us this language to use. He added it in to the New Covenant for a purpose, not just to be a redundant side part! It has powerful benefits to your spiritual life when used consistently. Many things can be done through praying in tongues that cannot be achieved any other way

Scriptures on God The Giver

These Scriptures go with the article: God the Giver God is A giver. He is THE giver. Many portray God as a withholder – keeping blessings from us and witholding answered prayer because they do not understand The Character of God as shown in the Bible Consider the following scriptures which show Him to be…
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The Importance of Speaking in Tongues

This article is not intended to be an exhaustive study on the subject of tongues, and I do not intend to deal with the Baptism in the Holy Spirit in this article. This article is SPECIFICALLY on the importance of speaking in tongues, so that is all we will be focusing on here If you…
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The Cleansing Power of the Blood of Jesus

In understanding the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus we also need to talk about His blood and understand what the shedding of His blood has accomplished for us. The New Testament has a lot to say about Jesus’ blood, and we cannot neglect it’s power in our lives today.

The Holy Spirit our Helper: Parakletos

Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit as another Helper (Parakletos). This phrase contains powerful revelations of the Holy Spirit and His ministry in our lives …

Can we Know the Will of God?

Can we know the will of God or is it a great mystery that no one could ever understand? Some claim we simply cannot know or understand God or His will. They use this to excuse away all kinds of things with religious sounding words and phrases, which do not really line up with the Bible.…
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Bible Truths about The Resurrection – Part 1

Much emphasis has been placed upon the death of Jesus, but there is little understanding of His resurrection. Many people have focused their Christianity upon the death of Jesus, but they have failed to come to an understanding of the victory found in the resurrection. A large portion of the church sees little or no…
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The Ministry of the Holy Spirit toward us

It is of the utmost importance that we be aware of all the areas the Holy Spirit is sent to help us in. He responds to faith and you can’t expect what you don’t know about or what you’ve forgotten. He is the Greater One and He lives in me! – 1 John 4:4 1)…
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God The Giver

What is God like? God is a giver. The Character of God is one of the most amazing and rewarding Bible studies there is. Coming to the place where you know Him for who He is and clearly understand His character will strengthen your faith in Him incredibly. I recommend that you read the accompanying…
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