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Stirring a spirit of Revival in the United Kingdom

A disciple of Jesus

What is a Disciple of Jesus? #1

Are you a Disciple? If you asked most Christians, ‘Are you a ‘disciple’ of Jesus Christ?’, they would probably answer with a definite ‘yes’. What they most likely mean is they have ‘received Jesus’ into their life, are ‘saved’, and probably go to church. We use terms like ‘Christians’ or ‘believers’ to describe those who…
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Confused about who to listen to

Confused about who to Listen to?

Making sense of confusing conflicting messages How can we make sense of all the differing ideas we hear in the church during times of world crisis. How should we react to things that are going on? What is the message of the Word, when bad things begin to happen in the world around us? Should…
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