Hungry to be Fully Filled with God

A Revival of the Word and the Spirit

Hungry to be Fully Filled with God

Hungry to be filled with God

Acts 6 emphasises that Stephen was full. This was because he took the time to get filled. As a result, God manifested through Stephen in miracles, signs and wonders. We become full because we are hungry and thirsty enough to act by saturating ourselves in the Word of God and in His presence.


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From These Shores is taking a stand for bold, uncompromising teaching of the Word of God and trusting God for a Word based, Spirit filled church to arise and stand strong in revival. We are trusting for the manifestation of God through miracles, signs and wonders across the nation.

Filled with God

To become full, we have to take the time to get filled. It isn’t automatic and nor is it up to God whether we are filled. He has provided the resources for us to get filled, but it’s up to us whether we do.

God is looking for hungry and thirsty people, who will seek after Him and get full of His Word. These become the ones He pours out His Spirit through in revival.

This video teaching stirs passion and hunger, as we see what it takes to become vessels God can use.

We can learn from people like Stephen and Joshua, who wanted to stay in God’s presence. When Moses departed from the Tabernacle, Joshua remained. He was hungry for God’s presence.

Hungry and Thirsty for God

Hunger and thirst drives us into God’s presence and into His Word. When we aren’t hungry, we allow distractions and other desires to take precedence.

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