A Revival of the Word and the Spirit

Meetings across the UK

Upcoming Meetings

  • Friday, 11 December 7.30pm – UK Nationwide Online meeting to unite Word based believers across the U.K. Details to join this meeting on Zoom will be added closer to the time. Please check this age for info.
  • Friday, 15 January 7.30pm
  • Weekly prayer meeting for Revival in the U.K. over Zoom (details to be added soon)
  • Stirring a Revival of the Word and the Spirit in the U.K.
  • Standing for a Word based U.K. Church
  • Uniting Word based Believers across the nation
  • Strong bold Uncompromising unwatered-down Word of God
  • Standing for the manifestation of the power of God in the U.K. 
  • Uniting people in Prayer for Revival of the Word and the Spirit

Regular meetings around the United Kingdom to teach the Word of God, bring people together and raise expectancy for the move of God

Current Meeting Locations

The meetings listed above are all held monthly, so check back for next month’s dates for these locations.

More Coming

If you are interested in having a regular FromTheseShores meeting in your area, please contact me through the Facebook page

Part of the vision of From The Shores is to raise the standard of Bible teaching across the UK through regular teaching meetings across the nation. The plan is to saturate this nation in the Word of God.

Do you feel like you are the only person taking a stand for the Word in your church or area? From These Shores is the solution, connect and let’s take a stand together across our nation for the Word.

The Fire Spreads

Each flame on the map of the UK below represents a regular teaching meeting in that area organised by ‘From These Shores’. As more meetings start, more flames will be added, until the entire nation is saturated.

Solid Uncompromised Word of God

From These Shores is raising the calibre of Bible Teaching across the U.K. and taking a stand for pure uncompromised unwatered-down Word of God. Stirring hunger for the Word and a passion for revival, as people connect across this nation.

Study Resources

Live teaching