Moses & Elijah: The Rise of Miraculous Ministry

A Revival of the Word and the Spirit

Moses & Elijah: The Rise of Miraculous Ministry

Moses and Elijah. The rise of miraculous ministry

The ministries of Moses and Elijah stand out in the Bible as two of the most powerful in terms of miracles and manifestations of God. This teaching parallels some events in their lives to show the lead up to their miracles.

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This message was recorded during our monthly nationwide meetings aimed at taking an uncompromising bold stand for the Word of God in the U.K. church.

From these Shores has arisen with a call from God to unite Word based Christians across the United Kingdom (and even the world), with a message that a Wordless church is no longer tolerable. We want a doctrinal shift to a solid uncompromising Word based message and for the Spirit of God to manifest through us.

The U.K. church needs a new Reformation, revivalists to stand up and preach the Word, uncompromised and unwatered down. To teach the Word like God wants it taught – boldly and with power.

Connect up

Miraculous Ministry

In the darkest times of Israel’s history, God raised up men and women of faith and power to stand against the onslaught of the enemy. Filled with the Word of a God, full of faith, filled with the Spirit of God and full of power. These representatives of heaven took a stand and God manifested through them. They were not afraid of the enemy, but walked in God’s power. Men like Elijah, Moses, Daniel, David…

In our day, a Word-based Spirit-filled church filled with miraculous power needs to arise. Not a church filled with man’s ideas, traditions and unscriptural theology, but a church that teaches the Word of God. Believers who know God, know the Word of God, speak the Word of God, are filled with the Spirit of God and walk in His manifest glory and power.

This is not about which church you attend. This is a nationwide movement with people from all church backgrounds who want the truth of the Word, and I’m inviting you to be a part of it, to connect up and take a stand as one Word based Spirit filled body across the U.K.

Revival of the Word and the Spirit

This is not a time to be distracted and caught up in what is happening. This is not a time to cower in fear at what the enemy is doing. This is a time to rise up strong in the Word and the Spirit. The time of revival is now. The answer is here: the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, glorious and power filled.

Join us, connect with the Vision, become part of a nationwide unified force for the Word and the Spirit. Standing for a revival of the Word and Spirit in the U.K.

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