Seeds of Healing – Seeds of Life

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Seeds of Healing – Seeds of Life

Seeds of Healing – Seeds of Life

Start with Seeds

Healing, like nearly everything we receive from God, begins with seeds, which need to be planted in our hearts for healing to develop. 

In Mark chapter 4, Jesus likens the planting of natural seed in the ground to the planting of spiritual truths in our hearts.  Given the right conditions, natural seed will develop and bear fruit just like the Word of God will produce fruit in our hearts under the right conditions. We are discussing how to receive healing with the right heart condition.

What seeds are you planting in your heart?

Good seeds sown in the heart produce healing; bad seeds choke the healing seeds; and no seeds (believing nothing) do nothing, say nothing and, therefore, receive nothing. Knowing how to plant good seeds will help us receive.

How do you plant seeds of life and healing in your heart?

The Word of God is a seed. Hearing and responding to the Word of God plants the seeds.

In Mark chapter 4, Jesus gives us good principles to follow.  He teaches on how to receive and gives insight into the principles of sowing and reaping, which can be applied to sowing seeds and receiving healing.  Almost the whole chapter is devoted to sowing seeds and how they grow to produce in our lives.

Live teaching

Mark 4:1 starts off by saying:  And again He began to teach by the sea.

“Again” infers that Jesus spent time teaching people. He did not just heal the sick, He taught them how to receive and respond to spiritual truths, building their faith to prepare their hearts to receive healing. 

‘And a great multitude gathered to Him’ (NKJV).  

Why?  To hear what Jesus had to say. They were eager to “hear.” 

Hearing plants the seed

Jesus began His teaching with “Listen, or give attention to this!”(verse 3). A little later He again said:  “He who has ears to hear, let him hear, consider and comprehend or understand!” (verse 9).  Further down the chapter, He said:  “If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear or be listening and let him perceive and comprehend” (verse 23).  Then again “Take heed what you hear or be careful what you are hearing”. (verse 24).

Why did Jesus emphasize the importance of hearing, listening, giving attention to, understanding, perceiving, taking heed and being careful with what we hear?  He was teaching the way we need to respond to the Word to receive from the Father. It starts with hearing. He went on to teach the different ways we hear and the results which follow listening to the Word.

Applying these principles to receiving healing

If we are going to receive healing, the first step is to listen to what God’s Word says about healing. Hearing the Word on healing plants the healing seed.

Proverbs 4:20 says give attention to His Word. Giving something your attention means focusing on it and not allowing anything to distract you. Distractions will rob you of your healing.

The Condition of the Ground

A receptive heart is the ground for healing seeds to grow and bear fruit. It causes new life or healing to spring up.

Not all who hear God’s Word on healing respond with acceptance when they hear the good news of how Father God has provided healing for us today. They don’t receive it and the seed dies immediately in their hearts.  (Mark 4:15).

Others respond differently. They listen to how Jesus redeemed them from sickness and disease, so that they don’t have to be sick any longer. They gladly receive it and the Word is sown in their hearts, but they do not give the healing seed the necessary time to grow. Because they can’t see immediate results, they give up. These seeds do not have the chance to become rooted and grounded in their heart and die. (Mark 4:16).

Bearing fruit is a process and, in most cases, healing is a process.

Like natural seeds, your healing seeds need good soil (a receptive heart) and continual water. You water healing seeds with the Word of God which feeds them and causes them to grow to bear healing fruit.

Are you allowing the seeds of God’s Word concerning healing to grow in your heart or allowing other things to enter into your heart to distract you and choke the Word? Are you spending more time doing other things, when you need to spend time feeding on healing scriptures and strengthening the Word of healing which has been sown in your heart? (Mark 4:18).

The Receptive Heart

A receptive heart is one which hears and accepts the message of healing, not letting the enemy steal it. It aggressively holds onto the planted seed by guarding against doubt and unbelief, no matter what comes against it, what tries to destroy the seed or how long it takes to receive your healing.  This heart knows that God’s Word will produce in the soil in which it has been planted.  This is the heart that produces thirtyfold, sixtyfold or  hundredfold from the seed. (Mark 4:20).

The living Word has everything in it to produce the healing that you need for your body. It has all the potential in it to bring a harvest of healing, if given the right care and nurturing.

Time for the Seed to Grow

Natural seeds take time to grow and produce. God’s Word of healing is the same, when planted in your heart. It takes time to grow and develop inside you, so you need patience while waiting for the fruit of healing to appear. Water the seed by speaking the Word to your body, stay in faith and do not waver because it will “come to pass”.

So , we see that it is the heart that receives healing from the Word of God. Divine healing starts in the heart, the reborn spirit.  It is with the heart that one believes (Rom 10:10) and with the mouth that confession is made unto salvation (or healing). You don’t receive healing with your mind, you cannot. The Word of God produces in and from the heart, which is your reborn spirit.

Determine that your heart will be good ground for healing from the Word of God.  Have a receptive and believing heart, so the healing seeds will grow. When fully grown or mature, the seeds will produce the healing you have been standing for. 

Believe that seeds of life are coming forth and developing, healing is taking root and is casting out all sickness and disease.  The Word is working, as long as you keep believing in your heart that you have received healing and speak it out to confirm it.

More Word on Healing

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