Giving, Offerings and Partners

Stirring a spirit of Revival in the United Kingdom

Giving and Partnership

God finances the spread of the Gospel by willing giving from people who want to support the ministry and enable the ministry to fulfil its vision.

From These Shores is stirring a spirit of revival and spreading the Word of God live and online. By giving offerings and partnering, you can help me reach more people, as well as make the Word of God more available through live ministry, books, articles, online broadcasts and podcasts etc

If you would like to give and help support From These Shores

  • You can give by PayPal using the link below.
  • You can give by bank transfer or direct debit. Please contact me through the Facebook page for bank details.

This can be a one off gift or regular monthly offerings.

Giving by PayPal

PayPal does not pass on any of your personal details (address etc) to me with your gift, except for your name and email. Your giving is processed by PayPal.

A Bible study of Offerings and Partnership in scripture

Why Partners?

Partners are people who hook up with the vision of a ministry and commit to support it.

Being a partner is about standing with me to accomplish what God is doing through this ministry.

  • Partners give monthly or regular offerings, pray for the ministry and let others know about the meetings, live broadcasts, podcasts, website etc.
  • Partnership provides stable consistent income which enables the ministry to teach the Word of God wherever and however God leads, enabling the Word of God to spread.

God’s Plan for Financing Itinerant Ministries

Local churches are financed by the offerings given by church members. I believe itinerant (travelling) ministries are financed by giving and offerings from partners. An itinerant ministry is a travelling teaching ministry.

I appreciate your support and trust you have been encouraged by the teachings available through From These Shores. Your gift will help spread the Word of God more through this ministry.