The Power of God: God is Able and Still Does Miracles Today

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The Power of God: God is Able and Still Does Miracles Today

The dunamis power of God

Confidence in The Power of God

I am currently teaching a series online about miracles and the power of God. I believe God still does miracles and wants our confidence raised in what He is able to do. The God’s miraculous power is unlimited and He has put His power within believers. God can!

The links for the videos in this series are below. You can watch the next teaching live online on Tuesdays over Facebook and YouTube.

This series is also available with Polish Translation on the Polish Facebook page and Polish YouTube Channel

The Dunamis Power of God

The Bible (New Testament) uses the Greek Word Dunamis for power and this word is often translated as miracle, strength, might and mighty work. Paul prayed that our eyes would be opened to the exceeding greatness of His power which God worked in Christ when He raised Him from the dead. 

This unlimited mighty power of God is able to work miracles, but so often we limit what God can do. Increase your faith in what God is able to do in your life and through you into the lives of others through this teaching series. You can experience the mighty demonstration of the works of God in your life.

God’s power is able to do mighty things in your life.

Energeō Dunamis: Active Working Power

In addition to Dunamis, the Bible also use the Greek Word energeō, which talks about something operative, working and active. Energeō Dunamis is working, active power in demonstration, the kind of power that releases miracles onto the earth. 

Many Christians have heard that the power of God is within us, but have never learned how to get that Dunamis power active and working as energeō Dunamis. Paul talked about the power that is working in us.

This series will help you get that Dunamis power working and active in your life, enabling you to experience miracles.

Videos in this series on Miracles and the Dunamis power of God

A Display of the Power of God (part 1)

A Far Greater Power: Power that Overcomes (part 2)

Provision Miracles: God’s Power to Provide (part 3)

God’s Miraculous Power to Fulfil His Promises (part 4)

God’s Miraculous Power to Heal the Body (part 5)

Power that Overcomes Death (part 6)

Resurrection Power and Greater Word (part 7)

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It’s time for Christians to rise up in the miraculous and experience the manifest presence of God demonstrated in our lives and through us. To do so, we need to learn more and understand about the energeō Dunamis working active power of God. 

I believe God is looking for vessels to manifest Himself through in mighty miraculous demonstration. He desires to move and manifest energeō Dunamis on this earth.

It is also His desire to demonstrate this in your life through healing, provision, protection and other mighty works and signs.

God is Able

Find our what God is able to do and just how powerful He is in this series of teaching videos.

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