Don’t Let Hurt Caused by Others Stop What God has for your Life

Stirring a spirit of Revival in the United Kingdom

Don’t Let Hurt Caused by Others Stop What God has for your Life

Hurt caused by others can hinder God’s working in your life

How does the Bible show me to react to hurt?

There are people who have been hurt and mistreated by others, including Christians who have mistreated other Christians. These hurts can grow inside us and become an obstacle to what God wants to do in our lives.

Right now, the Body of Christ stands on the verge of the greatest revival this world has ever seen. The glory of God is about to manifest through believers, but the enemy wants to stop this. The enemy has a strategy specifically designed to stop the move of God, to stop revival in the church right now. 

We must be aware of this strategy and not allow the enemy to stir up hurt. These hurts are dividing Christians at a time when God is bringing unity to His church. The enemy’s strategy is stirring up past hurts and causing people to feed on the pain, rather than receive God’s healing touch. 

Video Message about Hurt

This video teaching contains an important message from the Word of God about how to respond to hurt caused by other people mistreating you. I encourage you to listen and share this message.

Audio version of Message

Listen below to an audio version of this message about being hurt or mistreated by others. This message is available on podcast apps.

Healing from Hurt

This is a time for healing and reconciliation to happen. This message is a word from the Lord to people who have been hurt by others. I encourage you to listen with an open heart and hear what the scriptures are saying to us. 

The church is to be different from the world. We don’t react or respond the way the world does. Now is not the time to abandon Bible truths and follow the world’s way; now is the time to listen even more closely to what the Bible tells us to do in these situations. If you do, you can receive healing inside and also experience more of God in your life.

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